Tesla in Plano

There is no stopping Plano’s LegacyWest commercial development.


Tesla – one of the most  innovative electric luxury auto manufactures is in works to open a new showroom in the Legacy West retail district.

Check list of Tesla Stores Texas

Even though this deal will not have as much impact as Toyota or Liberty Mutual are bringing to the community, Tesla is certainly a big name addition.

Tesla in North Texas:

  • Does not have the freedom to directly sell its vehicle in Texas yet.
  • Has a gallery at Dallas’ NorthPark Center mall.
  • Has two Destination Charging locations in Plano at Parkwood Boulevard and Preston.
  • Galleries in the state include those in Austin, Fort Worth and Houston. They may add another in San Antonio soon.
  • There are 10 Superchargers and 92 Destination Charging stations in Texas.
  • For up to date info on their gallery stores and service stations, visit their website www.teslamotors.com/findus
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4 thoughts on “Tesla in Plano”

  1. This story incorrectly states that Tesla has four dealerships in the state. Tesla has NO dealerships in Texas and is not licensed by the State of Texas to sell vehicles in Texas. Any resident wanting to purchase a Tesla must purchase it in California and have it shipped to Tesla’s service only facility. As a manufacturer, Tesla believes they do not have to follow the same consumer protection rules as everyone else and thus have continually been denied a Texas DMV license to operate here.

      • Again, Tesla is not licensed sell in Texas period, either directly or indirectly. They do not have four dealerships in Texas as incorrectly listed in your bullet points above. Please get your facts correct before you publish erroneous information.

        A gallery is just a showroom to see the product; there can be no discussion of price etc.

        • I am a proud owner of a Tesla that I ordered at Tesla’s “Gallery” or “Showroom” at Northpark Mall. Tesla does not need a dealership in Texas. The cars sell themselves and the Internet works just fine to get the job done. You can even order your new car from the convenience of your own home! Tesla has streamlined the purchasing process and you can even trade your car in – right when you pick up your new car – right at their service center! Why does it matter where you order the car from as long as I your order gets placed? When you order any product online do you really care where it is shipped from? A Showroom is all you need to find out all you need to know about Tesla’s and you can drive one at the same time! I’m glad Tesla is coming to Plano. Thanks for sharing the story! There is something good in everything, some people just can’t see it or don’t know how to look.

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