Allen Police Department releases body-worn camera footage from May 6 shooting at Allen Premium Outlets; Officer cleared by grand jury

Grand jury finds Allen Police Department’s use of force was justified in May 6 shooting.


Press Release:

June 28, 2023 (Allen, Texas) – On Monday, June 26, the Texas Rangers, along with the Collin County District Attorney’s Office, presented evidence to a grand jury of the Allen Police Department’s use of force that occurred on May 6, 2023 at the Allen Premium Outlets. The Allen Police Department supports the grand jury process as an independent review of incidents involving the use of deadly force by police officers. After reviewing the facts of the investigation, the grand jury returned a “no bill” on Tuesday, June 27 which indicates that the use of force was justified under Texas law.

The Allen Police Department appreciate the hard work of the grand jury, Texas Rangers and the District Attorney’s Office by ensuring a process that helps promote accountability, community involvement and transparency.

Following the grand jury’s decision, the department released the footage from the body camera worn by the officer who first responded to the gunfire.

“This video shows how quickly a routine interaction with the public turned into a life-and-death situation,” said Allen Police Chief Brian Harvey. “The officer recognized the danger, ran toward the gunfire and neutralized the threat – and for his actions, the Allen community is forever grateful.”

In addition, the department has requested a comprehensive and independent review of the incident by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). The resulting after-action report will offer insight and best practices to support future training and emergency response provided by Allen Police.

The video below was edited to blur out the faces of civilians and victims, and some language has been removed.

WARNING: We caution that some may find the video disturbing and recommend a high level of discretion when viewing.

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