All Metals Fabricating Marks its 70th Anniversary

All Metals Fabricating marked a milestone with its 70th anniversary. To honor the anniversary, All Metals Fabricating hosted an event at its recently renovated facility in Allen, Texas, to showcase the company’s history, present accomplishments, and a glimpse into the future.


As per the press release, the 70th anniversary of All Metals Fabricating commemorates a legacy of innovation, excellence, and dedication to its valued workforce and clientele. In 1953, All Metals Fabricating opened as a sheet metal shop with only a handful of capabilities, but excelling at what they did. With an entrepreneurial vision and dedication to grow the business, Bill Thrailkill purchased All Metals Fabricating in 1978. Remarkably, the company has retained customers since the purchase, 45 years ago, showcasing a testament to its longstanding relationships and exceptional service.

Over 150 industry partners, longstanding clients, friends, and family stopped by throughout the day. They enjoyed festivities, exclusive tours of the newly remodeled space, and a firsthand look at All Metals Fabricating’s technology and manufacturing processes. Photos from the past 45 years under the Thrailkill family’s leadership decorated the space, highlighting the number of tenured employees at every level who have contributed to the success and growth of the brand. The event served as a poignant reminder of All Metals Fabricating’s commitment to its employees, customers, and the metal fabrication industry at large.

CEO and majority owner of All Metals Fabricating, Lance Thrailkill, expressed his gratitude to those in attendance, “This celebration is not just a reflection of our past but a testament to the resilience and dedication of every individual who has contributed to the company’s success over the decades,” he said. “We look forward to continuing our journey, driven by the same values that have defined us since the beginning.”

All Metals Fabricating has set sail on a transformative expansion endeavor, initiating phase one of a groundbreaking $7 million automation plan. This comprehensive initiative will enhance the current facility with innovative capabilities, with the end goal being an integrated cut-to-bend (ICB) solution, a fully automated system designed to revolutionize the manufacturing process and place All Metals Fabricating at the forefront of the industry.

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