Frisco Fair Canceled after City of Frisco Revokes Special Event Permit

The City of Frisco revoked the special event permit for the Frisco Fair, effective immediately, May 1, 2023. Frisco Fair’s remaining schedule in Frisco is canceled due to public safety concerns. The decision to revoke the event’s permit is related to:

  • Multiple calls received in dispatch regarding disruptive behavior, arguments, fights, and gunshots.
  • The response to resolve the complaints took approximately two (2) hours by Police requiring twenty-six (26) police.
  • Emergency egress gates non-existent and/or pad locked.

The City of Frisco’s decision was based on assessment of events occurring at the Frisco Fair on April 29 which required the response of 26 officers.

On May 2, 2023, Chief David Shilson, Frisco Police Department, issued the following statement:

“The safety our residents and visitors to Frisco is our top priority. For this reason we will not wait until someone is seriously injured or killed before we take steps to keep our community safe. What we saw Saturday night at the Frisco Fair posed a threat to Fairgoers, surrounding residences, and businesses. Officers heard gunshots and confirmed shots were fired through witness statements. Fortunately there were no gunshot victims. While there were no arrests made Saturday night, we continue to investigate and criminal charges may come in the future. There were also multiple reports of fights and other disruptive behavior, which were captured in videos circulating on social media. We worked with the event organizers to put increased security measures in place based on previous issues with the Frisco Fair. Unfortunately those increased measures were unable to prevent the events of Saturday night from occurring. While there may be disappointment by people who wished to attend the event, the safety of everyone is paramount and that was the basis for the decision to revoke the special events permit in accordance with Frisco’s Special Event Ordinance.”

Any settlement of pre-purchased tickets should be addressed to the Frisco Fair operator. Here’s the link to their Facebook page:

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