Plano Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan approved by City Council

Plano’s City Council voted 6-2 to approve the Plano Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan. Two members voted against the plan. Some people showed up to oppose it.


Members who voted said that the city needs the plan to remain competitive. Mayor Harry LaRosiliere asserted Plano must remain the desired place to live, work and play.

Plano Tomorrow sets development priorities for the next three or so decades, focusing on integrated, compact mixed-use developments.

Opponents felt such developments would make the city more urbanized, however its backers argued that these developments safeguard Plano’s values and reserves about half the city’s land for suburban neighborhoods. The plan is city officials’ solution to the problem of Plano’s anticipated population growth and the fact that only about 7 percent of its land remains open.

Plano Tomorrow is also likely to influence the city’s budget. The city wants to build urban centers that are similar to Downtown Plano and Uptown. But officials hope developers will design attractive, modern projects that keep the small-town feel and yet incorporate shopping, restaurants, workspace and housing.

Check city’s document Community Design Assessment for Mixed-Use Developments.

The purpose of the Community Design Assessment is to ensure a level of development quality for mixed-use developments. This assessment is intended to foster a built environment of aesthetic and sustainable value, enhance economic development efforts, promote Plano’s distinctiveness and natural environment, and ensure an efficient development review process. The Community Design Assessment is intended to guide developers and decision makers when considering the location, design, and context of mixed-use developments.
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