Dr. Reza Naderi Uses Laser for Dental Treatments

Dr Reza Naderi, a general dentist offering personalized care in Plano Texas, announced that his patients can now benefit from use of the BIOLASE WaterLase iPlus 2.0™ at his new dental office. According to Dr. Naderi, this laser system offers patients many advantages over traditional methods when used to treat gum disease and tooth decay.


Patients in need of treatment of gum disease, tooth decay or lesion removal are invited to visit his clinic for laser dentistry procedures. He recently became certified in the BIOLASE WaterLase iPlus 2.0™ which should ease patients fears of going to a dentist.

Per doctor, the laser surpasses the high speed drill in efficiency and can eliminate the need for anesthetic in most instances. This means that patients do not have to deal with as much discomfort and pain as
if they were undergoing a procedure with a regular drill. With less need for anesthetic, procedures and visits do not take as much out of patients’ days.

The added benefits of using the laser are minimized swelling and bleeding following gum treatments. Also, the sound of the dental drill is something that many patients struggled to handle.

To learn more about Dr. Naderi, visit his website at www.marveldentist.com or call (469) 573-3664 to schedule an appointment.

Collin Image Team
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