Texas Chronic Care clinic focuses on under-served patient groups

Located at 7500 Stonebrook Pkwy. Suite 100 Frisco, TX 75034, The Texas Chronic Care Clinic offers care to uninsured patients and Medicare patients.


Dr. Christopher Bloom inaugurated the Frisco Clinic with a pair of oversized scissors. He sliced through the banner and asserted that those who have been cut out of convenient, affordable medical care now have a new option, right here in Collin County, Texas.

A clinic like this could mean relief to patients who skip necessary TX_CHRONIC_caremedical care because of cost. Especially in a scenario where the provider loses is/her job and benefits and the family has nowhere to go. One patient reported getting an examination at a flat fee of fifty dollars.

More such patients can be seen at the new Texas Chronic Care Clinic in Frisco one day each week. The rest of the week, the clinic caters to
another unpopular group needing medical help which is Medicare.

A lot of medical providers are now not taking Medicare patients due to large amount of paperwork requirements and lower payment amounts for patients covered by Medicare rather than private insurance. Texas Chronic Care Clinic believes this to be another under-served population of patients and hopes to create a healthy business model by treating them and focusing specifically on their needs.

Collin Image Team
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