Aerial Animation: President George Bush Turnpike

Watch the aerial animation video of President George Bush Turnpike released by North Texas Tollway Authority. This is what the finished project will look like.


The video gives Collin County drivers and residents a sneak peek at the 4th lane that will be coming to the inside lanes of Bush Turnpike between Dallas North Tollway and Central Expressway.

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1 thought on “Aerial Animation: President George Bush Turnpike”

  1. Well it looks all good but while it is needed with all the influx of people and traffic ;as highways are being updated how about updating driving skills for the public and make as on going as updating road ways.
    Enough people dot not obey the road rules as it is the are far too many deadly crashes as it is because everyone is driving like it is only they in their vehicle and only them on the road.It is seen they have forgotten wha the learned ion drivers instruction education or choose to dis regard it.
    A new more lanes available is good and the highway markings and signs new to be defined like using paints to mark the lanes of a quality pair that does wash of with the first rains or be come soooo!vage during rainy or that type of weather.
    Flat paint just does not work that well.Need to use the irredisent kind we used for years so direction are not vague.Safety barriers are still needed on highways.
    And with all this “progress” how about plan and implementation of a
    Drive safely respectively circumstantually and remember the driving rules.this should be done periodically not just assume that all need to be reminded at some point.
    Last but not least: the people public need to know; It is not just right to drive the roadways but;It is privelege and must be done in respect integrity intellegance curteiusly with regard for each other.
    And people tend to disregard the fact that the automobile in the hands is a deadly weapon and can get one killed or some one else.
    We have seen enough of that already especially with hand held tech. I the hand as well.
    So let us campaign for safer more responsible,lessons learned ,following the road rules accountability in traveling the roads together.

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