Toyota’s Plano HQ to go 25% solar

Texas is known for oil & energy abundance but it’s not behind when it comes to promoting new energy sources and technologies, such as setting up solar panels. Toyota’s new HQ will be using Solar panels to power 25 percent of its electricity.


The Japanese carmaker’s campus in Plano, Texas, will eventually feature a solar-power system that is capable of generating nearly 7.75 megawatts of power. The massive system will be done over phases beginning next year.Β  The first phase will include solar arrays covering about two parking garages, with roughly 2.45 MW of capacity per garage.


Toyota has been promoting use of solar panels at other assembly locations as well. Volkswagen and Nissan arre other manufacturers that solar energy to power their plants.

Toyota will move its North American headquarters from Torrance, California, to the Lone Star State some time next year.


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