PVP Live raises $2 million

Frisco Texas based PVP Live has raised almost $2 million in new private funding. This major milestone should help PVP Live continue to innovate while rapidly becoming the top destination for esports content.


PVP Live is the source for breaking news, scores, and highlights in esports. We are available anytime, anywhere, offering the most authentic, knowledgeable sources in professional competitive gaming. We live and breathe digital – web, mobile, and social content exclusively for esports fans, by esports fans.

Co-founders Casey Wehr and Chester Srp recognized a unique need in the growing esports market for a standalone product that was 100% dedicated to esports coverage, and officially launched PVPLive.net in June 2015.

After PVP Live’s venture capital funding fell through shortly after, Wehr, Srp and their team continued to improve upon the website and build the apps, while simultaneously raising capital on their own, ultimately raising almost $2 million in private capital with support from angel investors.

Collin Image Team
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