Police called to check out ‘suspicious-looking’ journalists

Police were called to investigate a report of “suspicious-looking” people near a school – and were met by two journalists, both of ethnic minorities.


Two staffers for NBC5 were reporting a story near a school in Plano, Texas, when they were approached by police due to a report of an “Hispanic-looking woman and black man with suspicious white truck and camera”.

Incident ended without any arrests and Police were cooperative.

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2 thoughts on “Police called to check out ‘suspicious-looking’ journalists”

  1. I’m sorry… but did you mean to say in the last sentence that “the suspects were cooperative” and not “the police were cooperative”??

  2. Our children’s safety is always FIRST – and should never take a back seat to Political Correctness. Police handled it professionally and the reporters were cooperative and no one got hurt. Ms Bash should not be offended because someone was being careful about our children.

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