Mckinney. Football Stadium. $63m.

There is a lot of love for high school football in Texas. The price tag  says it all. New York Times found it worth a mention nationally.



  • Voters in McKinney, Texas gave green signal to spend nearly $63 million on building a high school football stadium after months of debate in the suburb north of Dallas. It was a contentious debate.
  • The 12,000-seat facility and an attached events center would be just the latest in a growing list of supersized high school stadiums in Texas.
  • Neighbor Allen already has its $60 million high school stadium that seats 18,000 people – it is nearly the same capacity as Madison Square Garden of Manhattan.

Katy outside Houston is will have its own stadium 12,000 seats at a projected cost of more than $62 million.

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5 thoughts on “Mckinney. Football Stadium. $63m.”

  1. It’s fracking ridiculous and insane to spend this much money on a stadium that
    a) only holds 12,000 vs Allen at 18,000 for same cost
    b) does not contribute to education, merely entertainment
    c) will be an eyesore and a traffic nightmare for the surrounding neighborhood at it’s current site
    d) is to be shared among three high schools to (scheduling?).

    We, the taxpayers will, and already do foot this boondoggle with some of the highest school tax rates in the country.

    • You do realize, don’t you, that the stadium in Allen was built improperly and has so many structural issues that is should be condemned? I HOPE the McK stadium isn’t anything like the one in Allen!!!

      • Allen stadium was rendered unfit for use for sometime. Finally they renovated and reopened. Hope Mckinney stadium will be good from the word go.

  2. Absolutely stupid. Seems MISD does not get enough tax dollars to furnish bus rides for all students, only the ones that live over 2 miles from their school. My Granddaughter was in Faubion Middle School the last 3 years and it was almost 2 miles from her house. This year she goes to Mckinney High School which is over 1 1/5 miles. Who in their right mind would let their Daughter walk that far to school. This has forced my Son to take a low paying job so he can get her back and forth to school. Now the tax dollars are suddenly there for this big sports stadium. Where are priorities!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Has football become the most important thing for high school students? In comparison, how much is the rest of MISDs facilities worth? How much is the coach paid in comparison to math teachers?

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