IRS scam alert

The Criminal Investigations Division of the Allen Police Department has warned all citizens around Collin County of an IRS scam that has been operating for several months. This scam has victimized many citizens in Allen, Texas. It has several versions, but basically works like this:


The victim receives a phone call claiming they owe unpaid income tax. The amount varies between $900-$5800. They are told they need to settle this amount immediately by credit card, gift card, eBay or other forms of payment. They are also told the IRS has a warrant for their arrest if payment is not made on demand.

This is a scam. The IRS does not collect back taxes in this manner.

Please do not authorize any payment demanded in this manner. If you have questions or concerns you may call your local IRS office or the Allen Police Department at 214.509.4359.

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  1. I had a group with a number from Washington D.C. Say they were with the IRS and saying the same stuff you’re saying in your article. I even asked for id numbers and asked them to fax me information or email me information. They emailed me some bogus info. I contacted a tax attorney immediately as asked questions and verified validity of such claims.

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