Frisco #1 fastest growing city in the nation

Frisco was ranked as #1 fastest growing city across the nation. Mckinney ranked as #8.



  • Frisco, Texas, experienced the highest job growth, at 5.32 percent.
  • McKinney, Texas, experienced the highest poverty rate decrease, at 9.63 percent.
Fastest Growing Cities  Slowest Growing Cities
1 Frisco, TX 506 Waukegan, IL
2 League City, TX 507 Flint, MI
3 Lehigh Acres, FL 508 Cleveland, OH
4 Kent, WA 509 Cincinnati, OH
5 Surprise, AZ 510 Gary, IN
6 Meridian, ID 511 Atlanta, GA
7 Midland, TX 512 Toledo, OH
8 McKinney, TX 513 Toms River, NJ
9 Concord, NC 514 Detroit, MI
10 Bryan, TX 515 Jacksonville, NC

In order to identify the fastest growing local economies, WalletHub analysts compared 515 U.S. cities of varying population sizes based on 14 key indicators of rapid economic growth.

Their data set — from a period spanning 2009 to 2015 — ranges from “population growth” to “unemployment rate decrease” and “growth in regional GDP per capita.”


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3 thoughts on “Frisco #1 fastest growing city in the nation”

    • Money magazine rated Plano as #3 Best Places to Live. This article is a ranking primarily on the growth the city. These 2 articles are ranking cities based on two different aspects of the city. Plano has been pretty much built out for years.

  1. Yes. I moved to Frisco 4 year ago from Southern California. I Love the city and the people but its growing at a rapid pace and Texas isn’t prepared for it at. They are bringing the people and Business to Plano and Frisco but someone seriously forgot about the infrastructure. So basically I wake up to L.A. traffic. Nothing like home(smile)

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