Capital One study finds majority residents upbeat about DFW’s tech prospects

Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) residents agree the Metroplex is thriving with innovation, technology opportunities and growing tech skill sets according to a Capital One study released today โ€“ and they think it will only get better.


In addition, an overwhelming majority of residents (87 percent) say they have a high quality of life, with over half (56 percent) citing access to quality education and skills training as some of the area’s greatest assets.

The findings are the result of the Capital One Future Edge DFW opinion survey, which asked residents to share their views on the future of technological innovation in their community and the evolution of the area’s workforce.

Capital One Future Edge DFW

Portions of the poll were fielded nationally, with respondents asked to answer for the area where they live. The results reveal a tech and workforce snapshot of today and the next 10 years, from the perspective of both DFW residents and Americans in general.

Full article: see highlights from Capital One’s Future Edge DFW survey follow.

“These findings show optimism in what’s to come. We’re in a state of transformation and the future is ours to shape. Through our Future Edge DFW initiative, we’re working with a variety of partners to grow the area’s innovation and technology ecosystem that will fuel our economy and help communities succeed in this rapidly-changing world.” –ย said Sanjiv Yajnik, President, Financial Services, Capital One.

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