Ascent data center in Plano

St. Louis, MO based provider of data center solutions, Ascent, announced the launch of its latest data center facility in the DFW market. It acquired 43,000-square-foot building earlier this year located at 1500 East Plano Parkway.


Ascent Dal1- Datacenter Plano Texas

The standalone space known as Ascent DAL1 is designed to provide the highly flexible and scalable data center infrastructure necessary for enterprises while offering hardened building construction, capable of withstanding EF5 tornadoes.

e5 tornado

Ascent’s DAL1 facility is highly secure and can withstand environmental threats including EF5 tornadoes with up to 360 mph winds – it is outfitted with 15” reinforced concrete walls, 13.5” reinforced concrete roof, and 8,000-pound blast door at the dock area to name a few attributes.

Now available for lease, DAL1 is rack-ready and offers the ability for customization and expansion to meet customers’ technical, financial, security, and operational requirements. DAL1 spans 4.3 acres and is equipped with 2.7 MW of critical power with the ability to expand up to 7.2 MW. Strategically located in the Dallas suburb of Plano, the data center is highly connected with multiple fiber providers. The building has three diverse paths for fiber access, providing multiple points of entry for connectivity.

The firm is led by CEO Phil Horstmann.

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