Allen Premium Outlet to Expand

Developer Simon Property Group plans to add more parking, free-standing restaurants and hotels to the vacant lot located north of the popular shopping center. It will also expand the shopping structure at the center of the existing facility, currently occupied by Neiman Marcus Last Call. Other upgrades include a pedestrian plaza, facade improvements and opportunities for more carts and kiosks. Current outlet shops will receive design upgrades, including stone and brick accents, along with towers to add architectural interest.


Traffic impacts were given particular attention during the planning process. City engineering staff vetted a traffic study and suggested several changes. The current entrance/exit to the mall from Stacy Road will become entrance-only, simplifying traffic on Stacy. Deceleration lanes from the 75 frontage road will be created to ease congestion on the ramp. Council members voted unanimously to approve the zoning change from corridor commercial to a planned development. This change eliminates some retail uses, such as auto sales, and requires developers to provide more detailed plans, such as building elevations and landscaping. The 69-acre site is located along US 75 and Stacy Road.

Allen Premium Outlet:
Address: 820 Stacy Rd, 
Allen, TX 75013
(972) 678-7000
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  1. Why doesn’t the developer eliminate the entrance from Stacy and have all entrances and exits on Chelsea and Hwy 75 access road? This would create controlled traffic lights at each intersection and eliminate U-turns on Stacy.

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