Sigmetrix Expands Headquarters to New Location in McKinney

Sigmetrix will relocate its headquarters from 2240 Bush Drive, McKinney, TX 75070 to the Valliance Bank Building (5900 S. Lake Forest Dr., McKinney, TX 75070) by leasing 5,200 square feet. Sigmetrix is one of the many tech companies that have recently announced their expansion or relocation into McKinney.


Sigmetrix has been helping their customers design better products for more than 20 years through mechanical variation management, software solutions, consultation and training services.

The software company currently has 29 employees, with an average occupancy of over 6 years, and their growth plan includes creating 7 updated and skilled positions over the next three years. This expansion will bring their total number of employees to 36.

Sigmetrix services clients worldwide, within many industries including medical devices, automotive, electronics, consumer products, aviation, and heavy machinery.

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