Playful in Mckinney

For those who don’t know, Playful Corp. announced in October 2015 that it received $25 million in capital funding from a group of private investors. The studio had previously raised $8 million in 2012.


Studio founder and CEO is Paul Bettner. Their office is in the historic downtown square, home to antique shops, art galleries, parks with large trees, restaurants and a healthy dose of community.

Playful is the creator of Lucky’s Tale, the wildly popular character action game designed exclusively for virtual reality. Lucky will make his debut alongside the consumer version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset in 2016. Playful is also developing Creativerse, a next-generation sandbox adventure currently in early access on Steam with rave reviews from its beta players. With the new funding, Playful will aggressively expand these internal development teams and also fund new, original projects.

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