Non-profit GraceToGrow joins McKinney Chamber

GraceToGrow, a 501(c)(3), joined the McKinney Chamber of Commerce earlier this month. GTG lends support and financial assistance to juveniles and adults within Collin County who display a genuine desire and determination to live a joyous, productive life free from addiction.

The Collin County citizens they serve are active in their recovery, with not only a commitment to comply with (possible) court and probation requirements, but also a sincere yearning for a clean and sober life. They are not seeking a ‘hand-out’ — simply, a hand — as they do the heavy lifting. Many times, assistance with the most basic daily needs grants the option of staying on course or returning to their former life patterns.

GraceToGrow was founded in February 2015, was conceived from White’s professional experience as Founder and Managing Director of GraceToChange, a Collin County based out-patient recovery center. As a Moral Reconation Therapy® (MRT) provider within the Collin County Correctional System, White observed first-hand the difficulties individuals face post-release. “Having served their sentence and released from incarceration, very often our citizens face further ‘reprimand’ by society via extremely limited options for safe housing, gainful employment, and other opportunities necessary to successfully reintegrate into the community and maintain their sobriety. GTG endeavors to bridge the gap between ‘hopeless’ and ‘possible’… ‘no’ and ‘absolutely!”

GractToGrow is located at 1216 N. Central Expy., Ste. 104, McKinney, TX 75070.

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