Mckinney sues Collin County

City of McKinney is suing Collin County. The disagreement is over who should be authorizing development on land that sits just outside the city limits.


At the center of the argument is an RV park. The 43-acre park began development last year in the city’s northwest sector after approval from the county.

At the time, the property was not within the McKinney city limits. However in May 2015, the city of Mckinney annexed the property and sent an order to stop work on the RV park.

And this week, the city added the county to a case against Custer Storage Center. Both suits involve disagreements over permitting rights within the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).

According to the suits, McKinney claims the county did not have jurisdiction to issue the permits to Arch Resorts LLC and Custer Storage.

Now it is up to the judge to tell us what their interpretation of the law is.

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