Mckinney introduces Geocaching hunt

The City of McKinney’s Stormwater Management Program has announced a fun geocache treasure hunt “Finding Geo”. The fun activity is to encourage residents and visitors to learn about how to keep the city’s creeks clean. Geocaches use GPS coordinates to lead residents to hidden trinkets located in the city’s parks.


Per wiki – Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, anywhere in the world.


6 Treasures:

There are six geocaches hidden throughout the city that can be located using a GPS receiver or a smart phone. Once residents find the general location of the geocache, look high and low to locate the hidden treasure. Caches cannot be buried, but may be located under items in the landscape, such as rocks, leaves and grass, or inside an old hollow tree.

To find the location of the cache, you will need a GPS receiver or a smart phone. There are several free GPS locator apps available to download. You can also download one of the Geocaching-specific apps available. Just search for “Geocaching” in the Google Play or App Store and you should see several that will work well.


Find the General Location:

Use the GPS coordinates to find the general location of the cache. Coordinates are approximate, and can be affected by satellite position, weather and interference by nearby trees or buildings.

  • All Drains Lead to the Creek – N 33° 12.762 W 096° 40.318
  • Dogs Are Friends, But Not Their Poo! – N 33 12.099, W 96 39.703
  • I’m H2O Intolerant – N 33° 10.965 W 096° 37.849
  • I’m Thinking of Something Orange, and It’s Small – N 33° 08.488 W 096° 42.142
  • Just Keep Flowing – N 33° 11.059 W 096° 38.288
  • Wow! I Wish I Could Speak Fish! – N 33° 09.442 W 096° 43.600

Found it?

Once you have found the cache, open it up, sign the logbook and feel free to take one of the gifts inside. Generally, the rules of geocaching require that if you take an item from a cache, you should replace it with an item of equal value. However, in our caches, you may take an item without leaving anything except your signature in the log. Please, take no more than one item per member of your group.


The city hopes residents will have fun and create lasting memories with their children and friends and learn interesting facts about stormwater.


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