Mckinney FAQs

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Housing & Community Development


1.Where is the Development Services Office located?

2.What are the Planning Department’s hours of operation?

3.What is McKinney’s current population?

4.Who assigns a street name?

5.What are the new proposed developments in McKinney?

6.What do I need to do to take down a tree on my property?

7.Is my property located within the city limits of McKinney?

8.How can I find out what my property is zoned?

9.What is the Comprehensive Plan and what does it do?

10.What is a Pre-Development Meeting and how do I know if I need one?

11.How can I set up a Pre-Development Meeting?

12.When can I submit my Development Application to the Planning Department?

13.What are Impact Fees?

14.Where can I find planning application submittal requirements and checklists?

15.What is the Subdivision Platting Process and how long does it take?

16.How do I verify if my property has been platted?

17.What is the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ)?

18.What is the purpose of zoning?

19.What is a Zoning District?

20.Can I run a business from my home?

21.What is my property zoned if I live in the ETJ?

22.My property is zoned “PD” – Planned Development District. How can I obtain a copy of the “PD” ordinance or refer to the base zoning description?

23.How do I find the regulations for the various zoning districts within the City of McKinney?

24.Where can I view copies of the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations?

25.What uses are allowed in each zoning district?

26.How do I change the zoning on my property?

27.What is the City’s fee for a rezoning request or other planning applications?

28.What is a Zoning Verification Letter and how do I get one?

29.How do I measure a setback?

30.What is the function of the Planning and Zoning Commission?

31.How do I contact the Planning and Zoning Commission?

32.What can I do to let the P&Z Commission or City Council know that I am either opposed or supportive of a proposed rezoning request or another planning application?

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