McKinney enhances transparency and Public Record request process with GovQA

The City of McKinney Texas is taking steps in its goal for transparency by making the public record request process simpler and available entirely online. The city has recently purchased GovQA, a software program that tracks public record requests across multiple departments, standardizes record processing and fulfills requests in a more efficient manner.


According to Jose Madrigal, Deputy City Manager, City hopes to increase staff efficiencies and provide a platform to share information easier between departments while providing better transparency with the citizens. Where applicable, the system will allow users to create personal log-in IDs to access records pulled for them specifically. For similar requests made by multiple requestors, they can import the information that has already been pulled, rather than having to start an entirely new records search, all while keeping the information specific to the requestor’s needs.

Requestors are able to submit a public record request online, track the progress online and receive updates by email. The city will continue to process public record requests received in writing. Written requests will be entered into the GovQA system internally for thorough record keeping.

The City of McKinney claims to have processed more than 1,200 open records requests last year alone, according to Michael Edwards, IT Records Supervisor. This system could be a big leap in helping to keep up with the increased demand for public information as city of Mckinney continues to rapidly grow.

To submit a public records request, visit the Open Records Request Web page.

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