Mckinney EDC hires Darrell Auterson

City of McKinney announced hiring of Darrell Auterson as President of the McKinney Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) beginning July 1, 2016.



  • Most recently, Auterson served as President and CEO of the York County Economic Alliance in York County, Pennsylvania since 2012.
  • He previously worked in the same role at the York County Economic Development Corporation since 2002. During his time as President/ CEO of the York County Economic Alliance/York County Economic Development Corporation, Auterson facilitated major projects resulting in the retention and creation of more than 14,000 jobs and nearly $2 billion of public and private investment.
  • He also led the merger of the economic development corporation with the Chamber of Commerce to create the York County Economic Alliance.
  • Auterson has also previously held business and economic development positions in Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina and California.
  • Auterson serves on the Board of Directors for the International Economic Development Council and is a member of several professional economic and business development organizations. He earned Bachelor of Science degree in urban regional studies from Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Mckinney EDC’s background: Mckinney Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) was created in 1993 to support the development, expansion and relocation of new and existing companies, with a mission to work to create an environment in which community-oriented businesses can thrive.Mckinney texas

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