Manetta named in Hispanic 100 Dallas

President and CEO of Argent Associates and Asociar – Beatriz (Betty) Manetta – was recently named to the Hispanic 100 Dallas, an organization that increases participation of Hispanic women in employment, procurement and social issues.


Argent Associates, Inc. and Asociar, LLC are both headquartered in Plano.


Manetta has been recognized for her engagement in numerous activities related to Latinas, minority and women-owned businesses, and STEM education. Her addition to the Dallas Hispanic 100 provides her an avenue to assist and grow the impact of Hispanic women in the metroplex.

Manetta leads the two tech companies and attributes the growth and success of her firms to the creation and development of a diverse and talented workforce, as well as staying abreast of the ever-changing technological solutions in the marketplace.

Born in Argentina, Betty grew up in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Accounting from Rutgers University and holds a Master of International Studies from Seton Hall University.

Hispanic 100 Dallas:
Founded in 1996, Hispanic 100 Dallas recognizes the need for Hispanic women leaders in the Dallas area to unite and advance Latina participation in the business arena. Its membership is composed of corporate executives, business owners, public office representatives, lawyers, educators, medical representatives, real estate managers and other non-profit representatives.

Most recently, the Hispanic 100 established an endowment fund to support Latina educational initiatives.

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