Junkluggers Franchise comes to Frisco, Texas

A new franchise opened in Texas for the first time and it is right here in Frisco. Owners Pete & Cynthia Ybarra bring The Junkluggers to provide eco-friendly junk removal services to North Texas areas including Frisco, Plano, and the surrounding area of Collin County. Some residing in Denton County and parts of Dallas County can also benefit.


Even though The Junkluggers of North Dallas is not yet a very recognized brand, owners are looking forward to creating it using the green truck that really catches the eye. Cynthia discovered the Junkluggers opportunity through an advertisement online. She and Pete were attracted to the brand and the business model. After some initial research and due diligence, the Ybarras decided to pursue the opportunity.

Established in 2004, The Junkluggers provides professional and eco-focused property removal services and their operation is based in Stamford, CT.

Collin Image Team
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