Japanese metasearch firm TRIPON using Tavisca’s mapping solution ‘clarifi’

Pune and Plano based Tavisca Solutions – a travel technology products and solutions provider – has partnered with TRIPCON, a subsidiary of Shobunsha Publications, Inc, for utilization of Tavisca’s hotel de-duplication tool – clarifi.


According to press release, when working to develop TRIPCON, Japan’s largest site for comparing and booking hotels, the company wanted a seamless hotel mapping and content standardization system. clarifi resolved the content duplication problems through its unified master hotel database, where each aggregated hotel property carried a unique hotel ID along with the hotel IDs sent by the suppliers.

clarifi is a real-time hotel mapping and descriptive content delivery system. It de-duplicates, provides and maps out standardized hotel content like images, addresses, descriptions, amenities, and many more attributes from more than thirty-five leading hotel aggregators around the world and covers over a million properties with 99.99% accuracy.

Kohei Tamura is the Account Director of Sales and Marketing at TRIPCON.

Mahendra Yadav is CEO of Tavisca Solutions.

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