Frisco TX Police Department Announced 2015 Annual Awards

Chief Bruce and the members of the Frisco Police Department are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2015 annual department awards. The following officers and civilians were selected because of their accomplishments in 2015 and were screened through a rigorous selection process:

  • Officer Ryan Chandler received the Lifesaving Award
  • Sergeant Justin Hawthorn received the Lifesaving Award
  • Officer Sang Lim received the Rookie of the Year Award
  • Charlie Davis received the Civilian of the Year Award
  • Lee Wilson received the Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Pat Deville received the Communications Officer of the Year award
  • Lieutenant Ryan Moore received the Supervisor of the Year Award
  • Officer Thomas Mrozinski, Jr. received the Specialized Officer of the Year Award
  • Corporal Julio Vargas received the Officer of the Year Award
  • Honor Guard received the Chief’s Unit Award
  • Detective Wade Hornsby received the Chief’s Award

The Frisco Police Department and Collin County Texas community as a whole congratulates each of these individuals for their hard work and dedication.

Collin Image Team
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