Frisco ISD proposes 2017-18 attendance zone changes

Frisco ISD introduced draft attendance zone changes for the 2017-18 school year during the regular School Board meeting on November 14.


The proposals are intended to provide overcrowding relief and delay the need for construction of future schools. Leaders also proposed a few adjustments that will clean up boundary lines, align feeder patterns where possible and balance enrollments, particularly in areas where there are currently no or few students.

If approved as presented, the rezoning proposals would impact far fewer students than in typical years. A total of 306 students are projected to be impacted by the rezoning proposals, including students who are currently enrolled or anticipated to enroll next school year. That includes 227 elementary school students, 40 middle school students and 39 high school students. The total represents 0.5 percent of the projected 58,253 students anticipated for 2017-18.

“This is an unusual year for rezoning,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jeremy Lyon, noting that the delayed opening of four new schools means that the scope of rezoning is more limited. “We are not doing any temporary rezoning this year. These proposals are built to last – as long as things can last in our ever-changing, fast growth environment.”

The proposed adjustments would impact the following schools:

Any families potentially impacted by a proposed change will be notified via email this week.

Parents may direct questions and seek information from Shana Wortham at or 469.633.6037. All emails and correspondence will be shared weekly with the Board.

An opportunity for parent input will be provided at the regular meeting of the Board on December 12, with a final decision expected at the regular meeting on January 17. The meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. at the FISD Administration Building, 5515 Ohio Drive. A communication will also be sent to parents impacted following the final decision in January.

District leaders are planning an efficiency study to take a more in-depth look at facility usage after zones are approved for the 2017-18 school year. This will examine attendance zones across the District as a whole and set the stage for a larger-scale rezoning effort next fall.

Deputy Superintendent for Business Services is Dr. Todd Fouche.

For more information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the rezoning website.

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