Frisco Council Approves ‘Dog Friendly’ Patio Option for Restaurants

Frisco City Council approved changes to the city’s health ordinance giving restaurant owners the option to allow dogs on their dining patios.


Restaurants interested in becoming ‘Dog Friendly’ in Frisco must apply for a variance and comply with criteria, including new patio cleaning standards. Food establishments receiving variance approval will be designated by “Dog Friendly” signs, which must be posted at every public and patio entrance to the restaurant. The number of signs required depends on number of entrances; restaurants will be required to pay $25 for each city-produced sign.

Dogs Welcome on Patio sign posted outside cafe

Other conditions of the variance include, but are not limited to:

  • Dogs, except for service animals, are prohibited inside restaurants (food establishments) or on eatery playground areas.
  • Food establishments must provide direct access to patios from outside the restaurant so dogs do not walk through the interior to get to the patio. Dogs are not allowed within seven feet of any entrance to the interior restaurant.
  • Restaurant employees may not pet or have contact with any visiting dog.
  • Dogs must be on leash, though no tethering — or in secure container. Dogs must be wearing collar and rabies vaccination tag.
  • Dogs may not be given any food (including, but not limited to, dog kibble or treats); however, dogs are allowed water in disposable containers.

The ‘Dog Friendly’ patio measure takes effect April 29; however, city staff say the variance process may take weeks to put in place.

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