City Council passes parking strategies for downtown McKinney

In February, City Council appointed 11 citizens to form the Downtown Parking Committee to discuss short term strategies as well as to prepare recommendations for long term strategies to address parking needs as downtown McKinney continues to grow. At City’s recent meeting, City Council passed a resolution supporting the Downtown Parking Committee’s recommendations for short-term strategies for downtown parking.


The recommendations by the citizen committee include the design and construction of surface parking on the First United Methodist Church lot on the southwest corner of Kentucky Street and Lamar Street, as well as at the old Wysong Hospital lot located immediately north of City Hall on the northeast corner of Tennessee Street and Hunt Street. The lot at First United Methodist Church will provide approximately 96 additional parking spaces and the Wysong Hospital lot will provide approximately 106 additional parking spaces.

The committee also recommended improving wayfinding in and around downtown by providing additional parking lot identification and directional signage. Part of the improvements will include re-numbering the downtown public parking lots in a uniform manner and improving lighting of parking lots and sidewalks where needed.

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