Cheetos releases holiday book featuring luxury items

Cheetos unveiled the brand’s first-ever online store, featuring a collection of luxury items to meet the desires of every grown-up on your holiday list who needs a special dash of Cheetos fun.


From the fine loungewear and paw-shaped furniture to Cheetos-hued bronzing crème, the Cheetos Store offers fans a collection of lavish holiday gifts at

Some of these exclusive limited-edition gifts include:

  • Eye of the Cheetah from the Chestora Jewelry Collection – The dazzling Eye of the Cheetah 18k yellow gold ring boasts a magnificent 4.7 carat orange sapphire, and these one-of-a-kind pieces are adorned in more than 190 black and white diamonds. $20,000.00
  • Colour de Cheetos® Bronzer – This luxurious bronzing crème provides seamless coverage and vibrant Cheetos glow for those who want to achieve a basked-in-Cheetos look year-round. $11.99
  • Chester Cheetah’s Cheesy Cuffs – Using an exact clay mold of Chester Cheetah’s paw and shrunk to scale, these sterling silver cufflinks are the perfect blend of a functional and ornamental finishing touch for your bespoke attire. $69.00
  • Cheeteau Perfume – Crafted from hand-extracted cheese oils, this ravishing scent embodies the irrepressible aroma of Cheetos and lures the most remarkable admirers. Following its wildly successful limited-time launch in April 2014, Cheeteau is back for those clamoring to get their paws on the one-of-a-kind fragrance. $18.99
  • Flamin’ Hot® Pants – This season’s must-have-on-my-body holiday gift. These premium-quality spandex leggings are perfect for any kind of body type, in any kind of scenario. $59.99

Cheetos releases holiday book featuring luxury items

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