Chabad of Plano Events

Event 1: Pre Passover TORAH CAFÉ!
Sunday, April 10 from 9:00am – 12:00pm.
TorahCafe is A YESHIVA STYLE LEARNING experience. Featuring a DELICIOUS BREAKFAST and small group learning sessions with a variety of topics to choose from. Torah Café will also feature a MAIN SESSION focused on the practical, spiritual and historical aspects of the upcoming holiday. $10 per person.
Check Passover Minisite:
Visit to Buy Matzah, Sell Chametz, See Pesach Schedule.
Join a Seder or find out anything you ever wanted to know about Passover.
Event 2: Evening of Inspiration
Honoring Dr. Cary A. Israel and Mr. Bradley Rossel
On Sunday, April 17th 6:00pm at the Collin College Spring Creek Conference Center, in Plano, we will be holding our annual Evening of Inspiration. Please visit for more information and to purchase tickets and join us for this special event.
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