2016 hail storms cost Texas approx $700m

According to data by CoreLogic, the 2016 hail season is already among the most severe in Texas history, with year-to-date results reaching the nine-year average for U.S. hail storm damage.


Estimated losses in Fort Worth, Plano, Wylie and San Antonio totaled close to $700 million. Collin County’s share of estimated loss is between $245-$320 million. Above figures are CoreLogic’s estimates.

Below is a summary highlight of the hail size, number and percentage of properties* affected by hail damage and the total estimated losses for these spring hail events.



Date City Hail size and Loss
March 17 Fort Worth Hail that reached almost 2.25 inches in diameter.

Estimated residential losses total between $60-80 million.

March 23 Plano Hail up to two inches in diameter and estimated residential losses of $25-40 million.
April 11 Wylie Hail up to 3.5 inches in diameter was spotted in parts of the town.

Estimated residential damages range between $220-280 million.

April 12 San Antonio Hail reaching 3.25 inches.

Estimated residential losses total between $300-400 million.


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