Exclusive Q&A: Lisa Statzer discusses Give Back Collin County

Collin Image recently caught up with Lisa Statzer, Founder of Give Back Collin County – a non profit that further works with other Collin County non-profits.Liza Statzer


Collin Image: How, in what circumstances, was the idea of GBCC conceived? In other words, what was the eureka moment?
Lisa Statzer: I have been a member of Frisco Women’s League for over 10 years. During that time, I always loved learning about nonprofits that we worked with and promoting their causes and events. I saw that nonprofits had a need for awareness and decided to create an organization to fulfill that need.

Collin Image: Tell us about history, launch and membership of GBCC.
Lisa Statzer: GBCC launched their website in July 2014 and since then have grown it to include 58 nonprofits and over 70 volunteers as members. It’s free to be a member and as a member you get to search our database of nonprofits and read about their volunteer opportunities. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to connect with a nonprofit that gives them the opportunity to better their community. With more people involved, our community is stronger.

Collin Image: What is your biggest challenge as the Founder/President of GBCC?
Lisa Statzer: Finding sponsors for our website. Fundraising is a challenge for all nonprofits.

Collin Image: How do you reach out to non-profit organizations?
Lisa Statzer: We do a lot of networking which leads to finding new nonprofits to invite to become members of our website. Many find us while searching the internet.

Collin Image: Tell us what is your typical day at GBCC like.
Lisa Statzer: It is usually filled with meeting people to introduce them to our organization and computer work – updating our website, newsletters and planning.

Collin Image: What inspired you to select Collin County in particular?
Lisa Statzer: I live in Collin County and wanted to be involved in the same area that I live in.

About Give Back Collin County (GBCC)

GBCC creates awareness and support for Collin County nonprofit organizations by connecting them with volunteers who want to give back.

GBCC is about creating awareness at the community level and showing exactly what the nonprofits do for community. It seeks to inspire people to help in a personal and meaningful way – be it by volunteering time, attending a special event, or by donating money.

Give Back Collin County strives to create a stronger community by:
•    Connecting Volunteers to Nonprofits
•    Sharing a Spotlight on Collin County’s Nonprofit Organizations
•    Managing a Nonprofit Message Board
•    Sharing a Spotlight on an Outstanding Volunteer
•    Publishing a Volunteer Newsletter

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